GPU usage graph in the terminal for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs

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AI-Z is a tool to display hardware resource usage and info on linux. Supports both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.


Install and usage

git clone
cd ai-z
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m aiz.aiz

Alternatively using pip:

pip3 install ai-z


Please post issues and feature requests at: Github issues page

Known issues:

  • AMD GPUs name will be displayed as ‘cardX’
  • PCIE bandwith usage graph on NVDIA cards is not correct

Planned features

  • Support for Intel GPUs
  • Support for MacOS and Windows
  • Add some AI benchmarks using Pytorch and TF Lite
  • Add bandwidth and gflops tests
  • Control over sampling frequency
  • Support install throught linux app manager
  • GUI version